Friday, 9 March 2018

From the land of snow, to the land of ice, to the land of tulips

Our trip to Europe began with Icelandair flights from Toronto to Reykjavik, and from Reykjavik to Amsterdam. After arriving at Schiphol Airport shortly before noon (with 98% of our luggage), we met our EF tour guide Barrie Birch who took us to downtown Amsterdam. Many of us were fascinated by the buildings that seemed to be leaning in towards each other! We were then given the opportunity to grab some lunch after 8 hours of flying. Once we were fed, we made our way on foot to Prinsengracht for a moving self-guided tour of the Anne Frank House. This was followed by a delicious supper of chicken pasta at Wissenkerke-Sloterdijk Restaurant. Finally, we were happy to arrive at our hotel where we could brush our teeth and take a shower after a long day! We are thankful for a safe arrival and we look forward to more adventures tomorrow.

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